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Lululemon FitTech Made for the Court

Lululemon is a lifestyle, not just a product. We created FitTech, using innovative materials, that improve your game on the basketball court. Made especially for women high school and college basketball athletes, with our upgraded SenseKnit II technology, FitTech’s high performing fabrics support you through each game all the way to a quicker recovery.

Shooting Hoops with FitTech

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Women basketball athletes know what is takes to keep moving and play hard for the win. This high intensity sport can also bring on strains, soreness or even injuries. Our FitTech 3-point compression leggings were made to hug your ankles, shins, and knees during training to regulate circulation, prevent muscle strain and provide a faster recovery. Other products in the FitTech line include extra support sports bras, compression training shorts and socks, game day jerseys and leisurewear.

SenseKnit II Technology

FitTech’s upgraded SenseKnit II technology provides many benefits for training, game day and recovery:

  • Four-way stretch
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Ventilation
  • Sustainable
  • Anti-stink
  • Water-resistant
  • Seamless
  • Supportive
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Lululemon is partnering with Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL) and USA Basketball Foundation (USAB) to ensure our new FitTech products are affordable for high school and college women’s basketball athletes. Read about our partnerships to see how you and your school team can access FitTech discounts.

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Protecting Our Planet

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Sustainability in everything we do will help reduce our waste footprint. We ensure that our product packaging is designed to minimize waste and we choose environmentally friendly materials to make sure all packaging is recyclable.

The innovative materials we use to create our athletic wear, including FitTech, will also help us reduce our carbon footprint. Lululemon partners with others in the industry to create products that are not only durable but sustainable for long-lasting performance.

For more information about Lululemon and FitTech, please visit shop.lululemon.com/fittech.

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