Heidi Gonzaga

PR | Branding | Strategy | Design

Lululemon SWOT Analysis


Lululemon brand seen as a “lifestyle,” not just a product

Lululemon uses high-quality materials and premium fabrics designed to be durable, resistant, and comfortable

Product worn for many purposes: leisure, training, recovery and athletic wear

Innovative product with SenseKnit and compression technology for athletes

Lululemon invests heavily in product research and development


High-priced products

Brand focuses on consumers who have disposable income and can afford high priced products

Founder had created a public relations crisis and trust issues toward the brand in recent past – making comments about women’s bodies related to product

Lululemon has only recently introduced a line of athletic footwear


Young generation of women changed their primary comfort wear from jeans to leggings in recent years

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, high quality leisurewear is the top choice for everyday wear among young girls and women

Promote innovative athletic compression technology for young sports athletes

Create partnerships to provide discounted athletic wear to high school and college athletes


Major competition offering high quality leisure and athletic wear such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armour

Competitors prices are not as high as Lululemon

Competitors control the market with athletic footwear

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